Because of Love

‘Because of Love’ by Eason Chan and Faye Wong

  Composer: Xiao Ke/Ke Zhaolei
  Lyricist: Xiao Ke/Ke Zhaolei
  Singers: Eason Chan &Faye Wong
  Lyrics (Original Chinese and English Translation):
  Here’s an old CD
  Listen to our love back then
  Sometimes it slips my mind
  that I’m still in love with you
  I can no longer sing those kind of lyrics
  Just hearing it I blush and hide
  Though I often forget
  that I’m still in love with you
  因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤
  Because our love can’t easily be hurt
  so everything is happy
  因为爱情 简单的生长
  Because our love grew simply
  I can always be crazy for you
  因为爱情 怎么会有沧桑
  Because with love, how can there be change?
  So we’re still as we were when we were young
  因为爱情 在那个地方
  Because love is there
  there are still people there wanderingaround
  hurrying back and forth

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CloneDVD 7 Ultimate Review

CloneDVD, developed by CloneDVD Studio(formerly dvd x studios) which dedicated to work on multimedia solution for Windows and Mac since 2003. In the past ten years, they never stop updating this CloneDVD Software, from CloneDVD 1.0 to CloneDVD 5.0, CloneDVD 6.0 and CloneDVD 7.

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5.Make Slideshow
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Best Free DVD to MP4 Ripper

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Popular Six Smartphones Comparisons

Graphic compares six of the most popular smartphones from


Galaxy S4 CNET Review:

The good: The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Android 4.2.2, a fantastic camera, a powerful quad-core processor, and software solutions for just about every scenario — including working as a TV/DVR remote. It’s also comfortable in hand and has NFC, a user-replaceable battery, and a microSD storage slot.

The bad: Its screen is dimmer than competitors’, its plastic design gives it a cheaper look than its rivals, and we found the Galaxy S4’s power button turned on at undesirable times. Not all camera modes work as promised, and a long list of software features can quickly overwhelm and confuse.

The bottom line: Its laundry list of features require time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything smartphone.

Lumia 925 CNET Review

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Blackberry Z10 CNET Review

The good: RIM dug deep to give the slick-looking BlackBerry Z10 enough features to satisfy both consumers and professionals — like a good camera and a sharp user interface.

The bad: The Z10’s unintuitive gesture paradigm creates a learning curve, and a long list of OS inefficiencies and omissions sour the experience. The bare-bones maps app and a deficit of camera features are two examples.

The bottom line: Though it’s not quite enough to draw committed iPhone or Android owners, the BlackBerry Z10’s modern design and features give BlackBerry fans what they’ve hungered for.


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HTC One CNET Review:

The good: The HTC One flaunts a stunning metal design, powerful quad-core processor, and a beautiful 4.7-inch 1080p screen. It runs Android Jelly Bean, takes great pictures, and has a feature-packed camera app.

The bad: Sealed case design means no SD expansion slot or user replaceable battery. The BlinkFeed software can’t be completely removed. The phone isn’t yet available on Verizon.

The bottom line: A few quibbles notwithstanding, the powerhouse HTC One is a beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone

Iphone 5 CNET Review:

The good: The iPhone 5 adds everything we wanted in the iPhone 4S: 4G LTE, a longer, larger screen, free turn-by-turn navigation, and a faster A6 processor. Plus, its top-to-bottom redesign is sharp, slim, and feather-light.

The bad: Apple Maps feels unfinished and buggy; Sprint and Verizon models can’t use voice and data simultaneously. The smaller connector renders current accessories unusable without an adapter. There’s no NFC, and the screen size pales in comparison to jumbo Android models.

The bottom line: The iPhone 5 completely rebuilds the iPhone on a framework of new features and design, addressing its major previous shortcomings. It’s absolutely the best iPhone to date, and it easily secures its place in the top tier of the smartphone universe.